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Best Selling Ben Lu Ni

Ben Lu Ni

Ben Lu Ni

Luni (aka Ben Shan Lu ni, Benshan means original mountain that is Mt. Huanglong) is sort of mutant silica dots, evenly found from Jiani ore bed, very rare.

Each Yixing clay has a different ideal temperature of firing, different temp has to do with crystallization. Crystallization is important cos it will lead the clay no smell, no blot, better patina and better functioning. Minimum temp for Luni is about 1180C, lesser temp will lead Luni famous 'blot' or 'crack'. I've seen some sellers recall Luni pots caused by amateur firing. Luni is a clay that has no plasticity, so firing is very complex and requires experience. So to solve this complexity, potters make 'Duanni' by mixing with Zini. Low-temp fired Luni is beige and sees a hint of green after 1200C (Duanni as well).

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Name: Xishi Capacity: about 180ml. Clay variety: huang long shan raw ore "ben shan l..
Ex Tax: $240.00
Name: Daheng Duo Zhi Capacity: about 500ml. Clay variety: Huang long sha..
Ex Tax: $430.00
Name: he huan. Capacity: about 220ml(7.4oz). Clay variety: Huang long shan high quality r..
Ex Tax: $430.00
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