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ge yao craze crack teacup 2

Product Code: tc-gy-zm-2
Availability: In Stock
Price: $25.00
Ex Tax: $25.00
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ge yao craze crack teacup 2

The Ge Kiln porcelain belongs to the celadon family. It is special for its glaze and shape. The roughcast is gray or black in color, covered by glaze on both internal and external sides. The glaze is clear and even, covered by many crackles. It is said that Zhang Shengyi accidentally cooled the kiln prematurely when the porcelains were still too hot. The sudden cooling made the glaze cracked into pieces. He had to fill the cracks will different colored glaze, thus created a new type of glaze. The Ge porcelain makes a music sound when being tapped. The designs are also nice and elegant.

Basic Specification
Size mouth diameter:8cm, height:5.7cm
Material ge yao craze crack celadon
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