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In China, Through ages the connoisseurs of finest tea and experts of tea brewing have been considering the Yixing teapot to be the best brewing vessel of tea. ZISHAYIXING is a small teaware business dedicated in providing yixing teapot online for international buyers. We welcome you as our respected guests and appreciate you taking the time to visit our website.

We are quality yixing teapot vendor

We buy high quality raw ore, let professional clay processor make the raw clay, send to master potters' work shop, after they finished the raw pot, we seriously check on the quality by ourself before carry them to fire in the kiln. In this way, we can control the quality on raw material and craftsmaship.

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We are not only the yixing native, but also still live in the foot of the famous yixing mine - Huang Long Shan Moutain, and our family members making yixing teapots for generations.

Most of our yixing teapots are semi-handmade, with facilitation of molding tools (but very different from the mold used for slip cast). By American standards and compared with a lot of other commodities, I think this semi-handmade method is more than qualified for “handmade”. But in yixing world, the real handmade ones are those made with sculpting standards and without facilitation of molding tools. It is faster when using plaster model. Depending on the difficulty of making a yixing teapot, one potter can make 2-5 pieces a day, besides our family, many of our relatives are master potters, so the number of pots made are very considerable every day. Besides our web shop, we also doing bussiness in real store, doing wholesale business in China mainland. Here are too scene of our real store:
yixing teapot web shop scene3   yixing teapot web shop real store scene2
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